Rapist cop David Carrick knew ‘game up’ and body language exposed his guilt

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    Sick rapist cop David Carrick had an “air of defeat” as he was arrested, a body language expert has exclusively told The Daily Star.

    Adrianne Carter, otherwise known as “The Face Whisperer”, told The Daily Star that the rapist “knows the game is up” in the video showing his 2021 arrest in his Hertfordshire home.

    The expert said there were several clues that gave the former Met Police officer's guilt away in the video.

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    She said: “We see him hang his head quite a lot; this is a sign of shame.

    "We also hear the sigh, and he has an air of defeat around him. He knows the game is up."

    Adrianne added: "His arms are folded, which could be a sign of defensiveness or feeling vulnerable because he's not wearing any clothes. I think it's probably the latter as there aren't any other signs of defensiveness."

    The serial rapist, who was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison after being handed 36 life sentences, was arrested at his home in Stevenage at around 5am on October 2 2021.

    The monster appeared to be naked from at least the waist up, and refers to himself being naked in the footage, which was shared with Daily Star by Hertfordshire Constabulary.

    Carrick was filmed sarcastically saying to arresting officers: “[For] f**k’s sake, I’ve only been a police officer for 20 years. Do you want me to come naked like this?”

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    Carrick is expected to be enemy number one when he gets carted off to prison.

    Jail sources told The Daily Star that he already has a bounty on his head.

    Prison wardens are expected to keep him under 24/7 surveillance to ensure that he lives long enough to serve his 30-year minimum sentence.

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    A former soldier who spent several years in prison told The Daily Star that because of the high level of surveillance, the only way other prisoners will be able to get to him is “food terrorism”, where inmates who have been tasked with serving food will mess with his meals for the rest of his sentence.

    “He will be mindful of the psychological warfare going on when it comes to ‘is my food been messed with, has this sandwich been spat in, should I eat the custard or not’”, Richard Jones told The Star.

    “He will be questioning his own mind when it comes to whether he should eat the food”, Jones added.


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