Red-faced Prince Charles calls out ‘incredibly embarrassing birthday ritual’

Prince Charles is set to celebrate his 72nd birthday this weekend, although it's expected to be lowkey due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On his 70th birthday, it was a huge occasion which included garden parties and photographs of his immediate family – royal fans were delighted.

However, at a previous landmark birthday, the prince revealed that he actually finds elements of these large events quite embarassing.

When he turned the big 40, there was a huge party organised for him, with many people assisted by the Prince's Trust invited, reports The Express.

Journalist Sheila Rule commented at the time: “Looking like a political candidate as he inched his way through the crowd, stopping often to chat or shake hands, Prince Charles characterised the celebration as 'one of those extremely enjoyable but incredibly embarrassing situations'.”

Writing in The New York Times in 1988, the journalist also noted: “The day’s event suggested he is not a frustrated, jobless King-in-waiting.”

He was using the occasion to "define himself as an active prince".

Charles has become the oldest living heir to the British throne in history and appears unfazed by this.

Just as he used his 40th to reconnect with the public, he did so again for this landmark year and to remind his supporters that he remains an engaged heir.

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The Guardian’s Caroline Davies claimed in 2018: “Those around Charles detect no sign of any ‘at last’ sentiment.

“It is not that he does, or does not, aspire to be King. Charles sees the role of sovereign as something one is, not something one does.

“Like those before him, one occupies that space — for however long or short a time.”

It's suggested that the decision to have his immediate family – minus the Queen herself – in the photographs, shows he was no longer in her shadow.

It’s not yet known how he intends to celebrate his birthday this year.

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