Reddit dog fans fall in love with vid of puppy trying to feed while upside down

A newborn puppy has been dubbed a "special one" when a hilarious video emerged of it suckling from its mother with its belly side up.

The one-of-a-kind pooch is one of seven Golden retrievers babies and they were all getting fed by their mother.

Whilst his siblings are laying on the floor and desperately drinking from their mother, one brown little puppy stands out from the rest of them.

The hungry puppy flips to his backside and bends over to get fed.

The mother dog takes a quick glance to check on the pups and looks away for a rest.

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The clip has been viewed by thousands of viewers since it's reposted on Reddit yesterday.

One said: "It's the special one," while another one wrote: "Thats the one I would pick if I could take only one home."

A third one commented: "My family bred our Labrador when I was a kid. Some puppies just love being on their back to feed.

"I do not know why. You can flip them the other way and they’ll just turn themselves onto their back again."

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The adorable pup has also been compared as an odd child.

"It like how in elementary school there always the one kid in the bathroom who drops his pants all the way to the floor," one said.

Another viewer said: "That's the one kid that drives the bumper car in circles until it's time to get permanently stuck in a corner even if there are no actual corners."

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