Royal fans take swipe at Meghan after Kate holds tarantula named ‘Charlotte’

Kate Middleton held a gigantic tarantula and a snake yesterday – with some social media users unable to avoid making a brutal comparison to another royal.

The Duchess of Cambridge visited Northern Ireland alongside Prince William to see Ulster University's Magee campus.

They kicked a rugby ball around and held creepy crawlies – with William standing in the background while Kate dived in.

But some couldn't resist comparing the creatures to Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and decided to make savage swipes at the royal despite her not being at the event.

Social media user @RoyalAstrologst tweeted: "It was a Tarantula – like her sister-in-law."

Tweeter @lCaroMunoz replied: "Uhmm her sister-in-law might be a scorpion to her husband's frog.."

Another user said Kate will have had plenty of practice dealing with troublesome new friends.

Tweeter @mhaly88 wrote: "Well, she’s been practicing since 2016!"

PSilvertongue2 added: "Meghan needs a shave".

And @RoyalsRUs1 put it more bluntly, tweeting: "She already had to deal with a viper in the past."

Meghan and Harry spoke with TV host Oprah Winfrey in March, detailing the abuse the Duchess received online after the pair began dating and when they later tied the knot.

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The mum-of-two was praised by mental health charities for speaking out about what she went through, stating it helps others seek help when going through their own struggles.

The tweets from Kate fans come after the duchess unveiled an incredible look at a royal film premiere on Tuesday night.

She stunned the red carpet at the premiere of the long-awaited Bond film No Time to Die at the Royal Albert Hall.

One commentator said the glittering golden dress from designer Jenny Packham was a "power move" and a statement of intent.

Daniela Elser added: "This was unequivocally the most striking and glamorous get-up she has ever worn.

"[F**k]-off, no-holds-barred-fabulous, the equivalent of a sartorial roar.

"So, let’s be crystal clear here: This wasn’t just a dress.

"This was a declaration of intent and a very apparent power move on Kate’s part."

Meghan Markle was criticised for wearing more than £66,000 worth of outfits throughout the trip.

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