Russian commanders ‘executing own troops’ instead of giving ‘medical help’

Russian commanders are said to be slaughtering their own wounded troops instead of retrieving them from the battlefield for medical treatment.

The claims come from Vladimir Putin's own troops, with a lieutenant-colonel in the Russian military accused of personally shooting dead multiple soldiers as they lay injured on the battlefield.

The commander asked one soldier if he could walk, and when the man said he could not, the officer is said to have killed him.

Chilling accounts from young army intelligence troops captured by Ukrainians make the admission, where they are shown speaking to Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Zolkin who has chronicled the claims.

One soldier told of commanders that had "finished off their wounded" and when asked what the captive meant by this, said: "Just like that… a wounded soldier is lying on the ground, and a battalion's commander shoots him dead from a gun."

He continued: "It was a young man, he was wounded. He was on the ground. He was asked if he could walk, so he was shot dead with a gun."

A second soldier featured on the video said: "The most important thing – this wasn't a single case. The lieutenant-colonel was walking around."

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A third soldier added that the lieutenant-colonel had shot "four or five" in this manner, with the second soldier adding that they were "all young men."

The third soldier added: "They could have been rescued, given help, taken out of there. He simply shot them dead".

There was no clarity where in Ukraine the alleged shootings of wounded soldiers had taken place, but the video comes at a time where Ukraine has accused Russia of failing to take back its dead.

Putin's spokesman said that he or the Kremlin has "no information" on either the bodies of dead soldiers or the wounded in Ukraine.

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