Ryan Jespersen Show raising money for Mazankowski ahead of 630 CHED Heart Pledge Day

Heart Pledge Day is fast approaching and 630 CHED host Ryan Jespersen is looking to get a head start on the fundraising.

Heart Pledge Day is an annual fundraiser and live broadcast hosted by 630 CHED at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute at the University of Alberta Hospital.

Each year, patients, doctors and family members share amazing stories about the care they received at the Maz.

This year, Jespersen will host an auction ahead of the live broadcast in an effort to get the fundraising ball rolling.

On Friday between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., Jepsersen will be auctioning off an exclusive dinner package featuring one of Edmonton’s most exciting chefs and a top-notch sommelier.

The package features a multi-course meal for 12 prepared by Brad Smoliak, the chef behind Edmonton hot spot Kitchen, and wine pairings by Juanita Roos.

The entire event will take place at Kitchen and will be hosted by Jespersen.

“Chef Brad and I have partnered on a couple of these fundraising events, and I can tell you, they’re an incredible experience!” Jespersen said. “His location is one of a kind, his cooking is out of this world and the wine is always spectacular.

“Whoever wins this auction item has an amazing evening in store for them and their special guests.”

Smoliak is not only participating as someone who loves to support Edmonton, he has had his own experience with the Maz.

Smoliak was in late-stage heart failure when he found out he wasn’t viable for a heart transplant because his organs had suffered too much damage due to a congenital heart defect.

In January 2019, he had a Ventricular Assist Device installed at the Maz.

The goal of the VAD is to not only keep Smoliak alive, but to give his organs a fighting chance to become healthy enough to one day support a transplanted heart.

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