Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary calls for more checks on Muslim men at airports

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary stoked controversy after he said Muslim men should go through more checks at airports as “that’s where the risk is coming from”.

The boss continued to argue “males of a Muslim persuasion” should be profiled under the terror prevention system.

But, he said checks on families should be more relaxed as they are less likely to “blow them all up”.

In an interview with The Times, the 58-year-old said: “Who are the bombers? They are going to be single males travelling on their own.

“If you are travelling with a family of kids, on you go; the chances you are going to blow them all up is zero.

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“You can’t stuff, because it’s racism, but it will generally be males of a Muslim persuasion. Thirty years ago it was the Irish. If that is where the threat is coming from, deal with the threat.”

Organisations have since blasted the businessman’s statement and branded his calls as “Islamophobia”.

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A Muslim Council of Brit spokesman said Mr O’Leary advocated for discrimination against men who “look or act Muslim”.

They said in a statement: “This is the very definition of Islamophobia.”

Mr O’Leary has previously made controversial comments about other groups.

He once said the best thing to do with environmentalists “is shoot them”.

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The businessman also once proposed coin-operated toilets on flights and dressed up as the Pope to advertise Ryanair's route from Dublin to Rome.

Daily Star Online has approached Ryanair for comment.

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