SAS using new machine gun called ‘Snake’ that fires two bullets at the same time

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The SAS have got a new twin-barrelled machine gun that can fire a 1,000 rounds a minute.

The Gilboa Snake can fire two bullets at the same time, boosting the chances of a “combat kill”.

An Army source told us: “The great thing about the weapon is that if one side of it jams the other will still fire – and every time you pull the trigger you are hitting the target with a double burst.”

The rifle is lightweight and reliable – key features required by the special forces.

The Snake has already been used in combat by British special forces in Afghanistan and Syria.

The Daily Star Sunday has been told two British SAS soldiers killed up to 12 Islamic State fighters in less than a minute in northern Syria earlier this year.

Our source revealed: “The troops opened fire on a group of men loading explosives into a car.

“The six-man SAS team opened up but most of the fire came from two guys armed with the Gilboa.

“The two soldiers fired burst after burst and the insurgents dropped like flies – the weapon really is a force multiplier.”

The rifle was designed for use by the Israeli special forces and was later adopted by the US Delta Force.

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All the shots fired in a 20-round burst from a range of 100m can hit a target with accuracy.

It can also be fitted with lasers to take its effective range to around 800m.

Our source added: “The Gilboa is now an established weapon in the SAS armoury.

“The only issue with it is that it can burn through ammunition very quickly.”

SAS troopers have access to a huge range of firearms not available to the average soldier.

The Who Dares Wins regiment’s main assault rifle is the C8 Carbine. They are also known to use the Sig Sauer P226 pistol as a sidearm.

It was reported recently that the SAS had bought a rifle so powerful it can blast helicopters out of the sky and blow apart armour-plated vehicles.

The Gepard GM6 Lynx – which fires huge .50-calibre bullets – has been likened to a howitzer cannon for its devastating impact, even though it weighs just 23lb and is under 4ft long.

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