Sex-crazed spiders set to invade UK homes in their thousands this winter

UK homes are set to be invaded by thousands of sex-crazed spiders scrambling to find a mate.

These male spiders are gearing up for the start of the mating season with the female hiding inside the home.

Female spiders stay indoors all year round as they prepare the perfect location to mate.

Our homes provide the ideal place for frisky spiders to get down to business as they avoid the cold wet conditions outside.

According to the Natural History Museum, the UK actually has around 650 species of spider.

Although that may be scary to think, only 12 of those have been recorded as able to bite a human but they are bigger species of spider.

One of the most common found in UK homes is the giant house spider, which is one of the fastest spiders in Europe.

Brits have been warned to check dark corners as they provide a secure place for spiders to breed.

However, there are a few tips in order to help spider proof your home.

You can actually repel spiders with a few household items such as using peppermint or apple cider vinegar in a water bottle and spraying it around your home.

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They may often be seen scurrying on fruit but spiders actually hate citrus, such as lemon and oranges so get your fruit bowls stocked up.

Spiders are also said to hate the smell of Eucalyptus and cinnamon, so having a candle could help you remain spider free.

Although you may not want to invite other insects into your home, ladybirds can actually aid you in a battle with spiders.

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Ladybirds might look cute and harmless but they actually eat other insects, sometimes around 50 a day.

If you are not interested in bringing more insects into your home, you could bring into your family a cute furry friend.

Pets, in particular cats, can use their quick reactions to pounce on any pesky spiders that come and enter your property.

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Probably one of the most necessary tips for keeping your home as spider-free as possible is to find any cracks or holes in your property and get them filled.

These areas are notable hotspots for spiders to hide as well as enter and exit your home.

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