Sicko ate adopted puppy and asked woman who rescued the dog for more

A bloke who was given a puppy by a woman who rescues stray dogs from the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, shamelessly admitted that he had killed the pup and eaten it.

Dog rescue worker "May Ccus” took to Facebook to tell the shocking story of the man's disgusting act.

May said around two years ago, during the height of Malaysia’s Covid-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions, she had been looking for for potential adopters for a puppy she had rescued.

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She found a man who runs a soya bean stall at Taman Connaught, in Kuala Lumpur’s Cheras district who promised that he would "love the puppy".

It turns out that when he said he’d “love it,” he meant something very different to what she thought.

When May returned to the area two years later, she asked the man how the pup was getting on and was stunned to be told that he had slaughtered and eaten the puppy.

The outraged woman posted a video of her discussion with the soya bean seller to Facebook. In the clip, she can be heard speaking in Cantonese, furiously demanding an explanation.

As she asked if the man had actually killed the dog, he calmly stated that he had – before twice changing his story. At one point he claimed that his uncle had killed the pup and then he said that a bloke from Burma was responsible.

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When May, who by this time was quite emotional, said that she had only given him the animal because he had promised to care for it, he heartlessly replied that once she gave him the dog it was his and he could do whatever he liked with it.

May said the man laughingly told her that the dog's meat tasted nice after stewing it, and that he wanted more dogs from her.

He went on to say that his family was from Guangxi, in China, and that they eat dogs there all the time.

The man concluded by rudely telling May that he was busy running his stall, and that she should leave.

May sadly said that she blamed herself for not checking the man out more thoroughly.


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