Singer filmed getting oral sex on stage to release ‘sex tape’ with fellow star

A divisive Brazilian singer who was filmed receiving oral sex on stage is set to release a sex tape with a fellow artist.

MC Pipokinha, whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, props up her musical earnings by flogging on an OnlyFans-style site for the equivalent of £3.88 a month.

After vile videos came to light of the controversial singer encouraging two cats to lick her nipples, an acquaintance has now said that a sex tape featuring the pair will be released.

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Fellow musician MC Lan said during a performance last week that the video will be released on Twitter, Xvideos, Privacy and OnlyFans.

"A clip is coming, which is… how can I explain? Ever heard of 'sextape' ? I'm sorry to tell you this, but in this clip, me and the person in the clip are having sex naked. And this clip is from MC Lan and Pipokinha," he said onstage.

Shortly after the announcement MC Pipokinha published a video in bed with MC Lan on TikTok.

In recent times, she's left the public in disgust by allowing a fan to perform oral sex on her on stage as well as sucking on a pacifier while dressing in inappropriate attire, in a clip in which she pretended to be a child.

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Furthermore, she had to release a public apology after making derogatory comments about teacher salaries during a concert in her homeland.

The 24-year-old's actions have resulted in Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office investigating her for alleged zoophilia upon the advice of Brazilian MP Matheus Araujo Laiola.

He said at the time: "We have just notified the Federal Police and the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate the crime of mistreatment (zoophilia) practised by this person!”

In another video, the female singer caresses, kisses and cuddles up with a man in bed, and in the image, she's stood in front of a bathroom mirror in a bra, with the same individual putting his hand over her face.

Since her rise to fame, the musician has aggravated people from around the globe.

One social media user said: "Everything I see about this woman is against my will."

Another added: "Every time I see something about this woman, I want to unsee it."

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