‘Slice of hell’ house covered in graffiti with ‘rotted meat’ stench hits market

A house from hell has recently hit the market with an online listing featuring candid photos of graffiti-covered walls and a suggestion to 'wear a mask' thanks to its stench of rotting meat.

The listing of the nightmare home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has gone viral, with 150,000 people browsing the shocking photos within the first 24 hours.

The listing reads: “If you dream of owning your own little slice of hell and turning it into a piece of heaven, then look no further."

Within the first day, ten offers were made on the house by interested investors, who managed to overlook the damage done to the home, reports The Mercury News.

These investors could also overlook something even worse – when the angry former tenant responsible for the vandalism was finally evicted, she had locked several cats inside and left them to die.

Mimi Foster, who wrote the listing, said that the home sat empty for several months after it was vandalised by the tenant.

When the damage was finally discovered, so were the corpses of the cats.

Mimi said: “I’m telling you she’s nuts. The neighbors were terrified of her. She ran a pet rescue, so that fact that she brought cats in there and locked them in and killed them is shocking.”

Mimi added that the previous tenant was in a rent-to-own situation for about 10 years with the current homeowner, but things went downhill when she stopped paying rent.

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She was then evicted, but a previous property management company let her back into the house unsupervised – which is when the vandalism happened.

“I know that in real estate, stories grab attention, so when I have an unusual property I try to make it a story. And this was an unusual property,” Foster said.

“I didn’t want anyone to walk in unprepared.”

She said she posted the description without showing the homeowner because she didn’t want to be told to tone it down.

The listing photos show vandalism with vulgarities spray-painted on walls, floors, doors and cabinets along with hammer holes in the wall and broken windows — and the sellers are not trying to hide it. A freezer full of meat was left unplugged for months.

“There is not one surface of the home that has not been enhanced with black spray paint or a swinging hammer,” the listing says. “Damage done by an angry departing tenant who didn’t want to pay rent.”

“This house is not for the faint of heart but for that special person who can see through the rough diamond to the polished gem inside,” the listing reads.

The police were reportedly informed about the dead cats, but so far, an arrest has not been made.

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