Sly warden caught moving cone to slap residents with £130 parking fines

Furious residents have slammed their council after a traffic warden was caught red-handed moving a parking cone before he dished out £130 fines.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the warden moving a parking suspension cone and re-positioning it on the opposite side of the road in a bid to wrongfully sanction residents in Croydon, south London.

Neighbours living on Clifton Road, Selhurst, were left outraged after at least 10 of them were slapped with hefty fines on October 11, the SW Londoner reports.

Resident Laura Donohoe, 39, who was ticketed along with her elderly mother Elizabeth, 72, says her neighbour showed her the footage of the warden taking away the cone before putting it back to its original place.

She said her mum was left distraught after successfully managing to avoid parking tickets for 30 years after parking with extreme caution.

“It feels like the local authority are quite happy to use fraudulent methods to steal money off hard-working people, she told SW Londoner.

“And [they] terrorise older residents who don’t understand how to use the appeal system.”

Residents claim that he issued multiple fines before the cone was moved back and say he took pictures before illegally fining them.

Pensioner Anthony Bales, 81, said he would go to prison before paying the two £130 fines he received.

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Single mother Millie said she was reduced to tears after she received a ticket.

Croydon Council originally placed the cones on Sunday, October 10 as contractors were painting yellow lines close by, which stopped residents from parking on one side of the road.

A Croydon council spokesperson told SW Londoner: “We take these allegations of misconduct by civil enforcement officers extremely seriously.

“We are currently investigating this issue and we will not hesitate to take the strongest possible action should they be confirmed, and any parking tickets issued incorrectly will be cancelled immediately.”

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In April 2021, auditors Mazars issued a report which revealed that Croydon Council had incentivised traffic wardens to issue tickets in return for overtime pay.

The council agreed to suspend the practice following the report.

The council filed a Section 114 notice in November 2020, effectively declaring bankruptcy, though it has since ended the notice.

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