Snow radar: LIVE tracker shows where it’s snowing RIGHT NOW – mapped

Snow radars in the UK are picking up on potentially widespread snowfall in the UK this week, as another potentially severe system, Storm Jorge aims at the east coast. While most parts of the south will see potentially heavy rain today, the north could see inches of snow.

Snow radars are currently tracking where snowfall is touching down in the UK.

According to, there is a covering of rain falling over large swathes of the country today.

While Netweather satellite forecast map also shows snow falling in parts of Britain – largely across Scotland and the north of England.

While UK snow map shows some reports of snow near Leicester, alond with parts of northern England.


  • Met Office weather warnings: More snow to hit as FOUR inches forecast

One Twitter user posted: “More snow in Derbyshire Dales!”

Another tweeted: “It’s really coming down in Coalmoor, #Shropshire now.”

The Met Office currently has two yellow warnings in place for northern England and the East Midlands, and one in place for Scotland.

The northern England warnings are in place from 9.02am to 2pm, today, and the Scotland warnings last from 2pm to 7pm.

They predict a mix of conditions, including rain, sleet and snow, will impact several regions during a 5 to 7 hour period today.

Snow totals could exceed 5 to 8 centimetres in Scotland, and cause road and rail delays.

The Met Office warned: “A mix of rain, sleet and snow will affect northern England, for a time today.

“Snow could lead to some disruption for higher routes in the Pennines, Lake District and North York Moors, especially above 250 metres elevation.


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  • Storm Jorge to devastate flood-hit UK with torrential downpours

“Here a slushy cover of 1 to 2 cm may accumulate, but with over 5cm on routes above 450 metres.

“Snow will turn back to rain from the south by mid-afternoon.”

A group of other warnings are in place for much of the country over the weekend and into next week.

The Met Office has a total of eight warnings in place for the country on Saturday as Storm Jorge makes landfall.

Warnings include yellow alerts for snow, ice, wind and rain, with wind gusts approaching speeds of 65 to 70 mph maximum.

On Sunday, the warnings reduce to four, with two widespread yellow alerts for wind, and another two for snow, which extend into Monday at 12pm.

Storm Jorge will mostly clear on Saturday, but the bluster will remain in the UK after it passes.

Some confusion has erupted as the storm was named on Thursday, as the next name on the Met Office’s storm naming schedule was Ellen.

However, according to the agency, the system was named by the Spanish meteorological services, part of the south-west Europe storm naming group.

Once the group has named a system, other agencies must use the same designation by “convention”.

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