Space Force chief calls for strong allies after Kim Jong-un’s military warning

The US Space Force’s top general expressed hope for further cooperation with South Korea’s military after Kim Jong-un's military warning.

General John W. Raymond cited the slogan “Katchi Kapshida,” which means “We go together” during his video message for this year's International Aerospace Symposium at Grand InterContinental Hotel on October 18.

The Chief of U.S. Space Operations said: "A key part of deterrence comes from the strong international partnership, mutual trust and shared value.

"A long-standing alliance between the United States and Republic of Korea is a great example of a strong partnership.”

Korean speakers at the event discussed policies and regulations that will help bolster the nation’s space power and industry, according to Space news.

Republic of Korea Air Force chief of staff, General Park In-ho said: "Space is no longer a mere area of curiosity; rather, it has now become a key domain for our national security, and only rigorous preparation will ensure our survival in the future space environment.

“To this end, civil-military-government cooperation has become more important than ever.”

The strengthening of the partnership between the two nations was reportedly aided by their August 27 agreement, coming after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un issued missile warnings.

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Last week, experts warned that Kim may be about to exert a period of "extreme control" over the country after the tyrant ruler appeared in front of a collection of deadly missiles.

He said that his country's most important objective was owning an "invincible military capability" that no one can dare to challenge.

Sunday marked the 76th Party Foundation Day in North Korea, a national holiday celebrating the formation of the country's ruling political party.

As part of the festivities, Kim Jong-un spoke on Monday at the Self Defence 2021 conference, showcasing the North's ever-growing arsenal of terrifying missiles.

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