Strange sheep spotted in UK with one horn dubbed ‘Ewe-nicorn’

A sheep has been pictured with a horn coming out of its forehead and has since been dubbed a "Ewe-nicorn".

The peculiar image of the animal was posted on Reddit and quickly garnered attention with people drawn to the strange occurrence of a horn on an adult female sheep – or an ewe.

The post has so far gathered 23 comments with many of them taking on a humorous take on the stunning photo.

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The first comment dubbed the sheep as a "Ewe-nicorn" to which one person praised the comment for being so "brilliant".

"This is the most underrated comment I've ever seen on reddit. I have nothing to give you aside from recognition that this was brilliant and best joke I've seen on here in a long time," one Reddit user wrote.

The same user then put forth his own theory on how the horn appeared on the sheep's forehead, stating that apparently, its not a laughing matter.

He wrote: "Don't joke! This is very serious. A sheep will only do this when it is startled, scared, or feeling sexy."

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When one user said: "Just a d***head, like all sheep", as a response to the image of the farm animal, he was met with a reply as to why he was disrespectful, to which he spoke about the "one focus in life" they have.

"They have one focus in life, which is to find new and interesting ways to die. When one achieves this aim, any of the others which see it think 'cool, I’m trying that'. Because they’re all d***heads," he wrote.

Another theory was put forward with one user explaining: "It's a self defense mechanism, after years of abuse they can get their own back on the sheep shaggers with a simple charge.


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