Stunning model quits evangelical church to flaunt body but her ‘faith continues’

A model has revealed how she walked away from the church she grew up in so she could show off her stunning body.

Sulla Santos, 29, left the church run by her uncle eight years ago after being brought up in such a restrictive way that she wasn't even allowed to wear shorts in her PE lessons when she was a pupil at school.

Now, her life couldn't be more different – as well as flaunting her curves on social media, Santos has also appeared on the Joao Kleber Show, a prank TV show on TV network RedeTV! in her native Brazil.

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She said: "I consider myself a sex symbol today. Due to so much bullying I suffered, I had never imagined that I could walk into a place and receive so many compliments.

"If I go into a restaurant or go somewhere else, I end up drawing attention. It's not been long that I've realised this and today I feel very good. I consider myself the hottie that people talk about so much."

However, just because Santos has walked away from the church does not mean she's walked away from her faith.

She added: "I don't attend any church because my experience with God shows that it's not necessary.

"He is with me every day and has showed me that I don't need to be sad because of a religion, I don't need all that sacrifice.

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"My faith continues. When I say that I freed myself, I freed myself to do what I like.

"You can be a person of faith and be hot at the same time. Devout and hot. You can be both."

Santos said her upbringing in the church had an impact on her well-being – because of the conservative clothing she was forced to wear, she was bullied at school and suffered depressive episodes and panic attacks as a result.

The Brazilian beauty said her life in the church made her feel like she was "in a cage".

"I wanted to wear the clothes my friends wore, I wanted to have fun like everyone else," she recalled.

"But our religion was so rigid that it didn't allow us to be friends with the wider world, not least with people of other religions.

"I decided not to be in the church. That was when the pastor asked me, 'Is there salvation out there?', and everyone said, 'No'."

Santos said that it was only once she recovered from depression and threw away her antidepressants that she really knew that she wanted to leave.

"I said, 'I'm going to chase my freedom and live,'" she added.

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"I say that I started living not long ago because now I can do what I want."

Santos already has a lucrative career after walking away from the church.

However, now she's free to do what she wants, she doesn't plan on slowing down any time soon.

Santos says she's open to nude modelling and has even considered OnlyFans before as she "loves exposing herself."

She said: "I'm not ashamed of anything, I really fight for freedom.

"I take the photos that are asked of me, I don't care at all. It was a pretty radical change. Everyone says that. I pose a lot in a bikini and I'll pose naked in a magazine soon."


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