‘Talented’ thieving cat steals bong, bag of white powder and lacy underwear

A cat has been described as a “talented thief” after stealing drugs, lacy underwear and even live eels.

Keith the cat, from Christchurch in New Zealand, has become known locally for his thieving ways.

His crime wave started three years ago, when he began stealing bras from nearby clothing lines and bringing home live eels from the local river, the Guardian reports.

According to owners David and Ginny Rumbold, their feline pet has recently started bringing home other items as well, such as a bong and a zipped bag containing an unidentified white powder.

Ginny told Stuff: “I suggested to him diamonds and cash would be better. But that hasn’t happened so far.”

The Rumbolds have resorted to filling two plastic boxes outside their front gate with their five-year-old cat’s stolen goods so that neighbours can swing by to retrieve them.

But returning the goods has proven not to affect Keith, who seems to have a habit of repeatedly stealing the same items.

A particular favourite are the steel-toed boots of a local tradesperson.

Despite the man weighing down his shoes with 5.5lb weights, Keith still manages to steal them and bring them back home with him unseen – one shoe at a time.

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Ginny said locals were more amused than annoyed by the black cat’s kleptomania.

His recent drug related finds however have brought Keith to the attention of local authorities.

A police spokesperson said: “Of particular concern is Keith’s latest find – an implement used to smoke cannabis. We’ll be seizing the implement and speaking to Keith about where he’s acquired it from.”

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