Teacher with severe lung condition and diabetes tells how she beat coronavirus

A secondary school teacher struck down by COVID-19 has told how she overcame the disease – despite suffering from diabetes and a lung condition.

Sarah Hall, 26, tested positive for coronavirus after bouts of fatigue and shortness of breath.

She initially chalked her symptoms down to the stresses of teaching – refusing to go to A&E to avoid putting strain on the NHS.

She told the Daily Telegraph: “Through all this I have to somehow continue working, sending work in for the kids I teach, planning lessons.

“If you are unwell you shouldn't even work from home. It took me approximately 10 hours to complete one lesson and the work to go with it.

“At 7pm on Saturday night I ring NHS 111 again. I’m in a really bad way. We wait nine hours for an ambulance to arrive and face-to-face assess me.

“On Sunday, I test positive for coronavirus.

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“I was severely dehydrated so was ordered fluids, and then sent back home.

“By day seven of the virus I felt better and the symptoms started to lessen. My birthday was ruined though – I couldn't blow out candles!

“It's not pleasant but I have a lung condition as well as diabetes and I conquered the virus.”

Last week a "very healthy" chef living in London has died from coronavirus after being told he was too young to die and had nothing to worry about.

Luca Di Nicola, 19, died in London on Tuesday evening from apparent fulminant pneumonia.

It comes as the government comes under increased pressure to rollout tests to all NHS workers potentially exposed to the killer virus, which has claimed more than 1,200 lives in the UK.

A total of 127,737 people have been tested, with 19,522 positive results.

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