Teen scarred friend for life after slashing her from nose to jaw in cheating row

A teenage girl slashed her friend's face from nose to jaw after accusing her of sleeping with her boyfriend.

Caitlin Moth was detained after a pair of vicious assaults on friends, which included dragging one by her hair and cutting another's face with a knife.

Caitlin, 19, from Dingwall in north Scotland was arrested in August 2020 for the hair-dragging attack but jailed for slashing her friend's face two months later.

The court was told the second victim had two major scars, one a 2cm wound running from her nose to her lip and another from the left corner of her mouth to her jaw.

She needed nine stitches and will likely need more.

The assaults were said to be motivated by an excess of drink and drugs, further exacerbated by Caitlin's mum's alcoholism.

That led defending lawyer Greg Cunningham to beg judge Sheriff Gary Aitken not to jail Caitlin.

Cunningham said: "This is a different girl today than the one she was back then.

"The background for both was drugs, alcohol, teenage girls, boyfriends, and infidelity and I don't seek to trivialise the offences.

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"But there has been a change in her life as this is a young woman who took her own steps to get help."

Cunningham added Caitlin had a panic attack when she realised the consequences of her actions.

"She is not just pleading mercy. She was in crisis, a lost girl.

"Her mother was a heavy drinker and her brothers were involved in drugs, giving her easy access. She lost her childhood.

"However, she is doing everything she can to bring that chain of events to an end.

"When I showed her the photograph of what she had done to her best friend, she almost had a full-blown panic attack."

Yet Sheriff Aitken pointed out it was the victim who would spend every day seeing the effects of the violent outburst.

He told Caitlin: "It is to your credit that the steps you have taken to turn your life around.

"But actions have consequences.

"You were released on bail by police after one grave offence of violence which was bad enough.

"But then just two months later, you committed a second more significant grave offence of violence with a weapon.

"Both have had an impact on the victims' lives."

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