Teenage girl trapped in chimney after getting locked out of family home

A teenager who got locked out of her house end up getting in stuck in the property's chimney after she tried to find an alternative way into her home.

Rather embarrassingly firefighters from the Henderson Fire Department were called after the 18-year-old "got stuck just above the flue."

The Santa-like move resulted in the the Nevada fire department putting together a rope lifting system and using one of the truck's cranes to heave-ho the teenager out.

The Henderson Fire Department posted details about the unusual call-out on its Facebook page on Tuesday evening.

According to the emergency crew the property was a "single-story house" near Horizon Drive and College Drive in Henderson.

The post confirmed that the woman became stuck in the chimney after "getting locked out of her home".

No details were given on how the teen was discovered but thankfully she did not suffer from any injuries and was pulled out in half an hour.

Photos shared on the fire department's Facebook page show firefighters on the roof of the house peering down the chimney.

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Another photo shows a fireman on his back looking up the chimney from inside the property.

The post read: "Firefighters used a rope system to rescue an 18-year-old girl from the chimney of a single-story house near Horizon and College drives this morning.

"The teen tried to climb through the chimney after getting locked out of her home and got stuck just above the flue.

"Henderson firefighters are trained for confined space rescue and pulled the uninjured girl to safety in about half an hour."

Applauding the work of the Henderson Fire Department many people from the local community commented on the Facebook post.

One person wrote: "Great job guys….. She is lucky, i have to admit… I did get a chuckle."

A second person joked: "I would rather take the punishment for being locked out than the embarrassment of that situation!!!"

A third person commented: "This is the result of 18 years of parenting. Yikes. No wonder kids live in basements till their 30s nowadays."

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