Teenage girls left dangling in mid-air in ‘freak accident’ on funfair ride

Two teenage girls have described their terrifying ordeal after they were left dangling from a fairground ride.

Rihanna Brown said her head was trapped as she and Emma Poole were suspended above shocked crowds on Thursday.

Two heavy riders and a counter balance issue are believed to have caused the "freak accident" on the Snow Storm ride in Cleethorpes, Lincs.

Rihanna told GrimsbyLive: "I was in a lot of pain while my head was trapped.

"I was looking at down at all the shocked faces on the kids and I was really scared.

"I had no idea what was happening and was freaking out a bit."

Emma added: "I couldn't look at the ground, I was telling Rihanna to calm down, but I feel better knowing how everything happened.

"We were in cart three at the time, normally that's a lucky number, but it wasn't for us on this occasion.

"It was a freak accident though and no one is to blame."

The carriage the girls started to drift upwards to balance itself as the girls got on the ride and the bar was pulled down.

It happened before the operator could put the safety pins in to secure the bar holding Rihanna and Emma in.

A spokesperson for the funfair explained it was a freak accident and that there are no ill wishes between either party after events were explained.

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Emma's mum Stacey Kinley, said: "We've spoken to the owners and been told how the incident happened.

"There was no fault with the ride, but an issue with the counter balance system on the machine.

"We're glad to have the facts of the events.

"The ride wasn't in motion at the time, it was caused due to a counter balance problem and there being two heavier people at the opposite end of the ride to our daughters.

"Thankfully, the ride was brought back down immediately, but I'd like to stress that the girls did nothing to cause the problem.

"The bar had not been secured properly and the carriage began to rise up, before the operator could grab them it had risen without the safety pin in and the girls began to drift upwards.

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"Thankfully, they're both alright."

Rhianna's mum, Jane England said: "It was a freak incident and we just wanted to know exactly what happened.

"All I ever wanted was the actual information."

A spokesperson from Tucker's fair said: "When we got the girls down, they were understandably very shook up.

"I'm just glad that the girls are safe, which was our only concern.

"We've all got kids and we'd all be the same as the mothers in this situation.

"Immediately, we got everyone off the ride and went through the safety procedures.

"We then rang the ride inspector who told me what to look at to make sure we'd checked everything.

"The main thing is that the girls are okay. No one was at fault, not us and not the girls. Like I said, we're just glad both girls are safe."

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