Tesco customer, 17, screams in horror as insect crawls out of meal deal sandwich

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A shocked teenage Tesco customer was left screaming after an insect crawled out of her meal deal.

Louise Meacock, 17, from Liverpool, was left feeling ill after taking a bite out of her chicken, bacon and lettuce sandwich after finding a ladybird inside the filling.

Her horrified mum Jackie described the ordeal as "terrible" with her daughter not knowing whether she had eaten one of the insects, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Jackie, 43, said: "Because it was my daughter it was horrible. You start to see the funny side but it's not funny because she could have eaten one.

"You expect a sandwich but what else is in there.

"You want a nice clean and edible sandwich, not to be eaten by insects."

Jackie decided to get her and husband Daniel some lunch from the Tesco superstore in the Old Swan region of Liverpool on Saturday, August 28.

When they returned home, Daniel decided he did not want the sandwich and gave it to his daughter.

Jackie added: "We're all sitting in the living room watching TV, she's eating the sandwich and everything is fine.

"She ate the first half and then halfway through the second half she starts screaming and being sick.

"I jumped up and I panicked asking: 'What's wrong, what's wrong?' And she just screams 'there's a ladybird'.

"I thought she was messing at first but then here comes this ladybird crawling out of the sandwich.

"It was in between the lettuce and the bacon. I presume it has come from the lettuce when they made the sandwich but I haven't got a clue."

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We are sorry to hear about this. Salad ingredients used in our sandwiches are washed as part of the preparation process, and we’d ask the customer to bring the packaging back into store, so our colleagues can provide a refund and investigate further."

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