‘TikTok terror’ Mizzy who walked into family’s home says ‘uproar makes me laugh’

Cocky 'TikTok terror' Mizzy, the young man who walked into a random family's home for online clout, has said the fake 'uproar makes me laugh'.

Mizzy, real name Bacari Ogarro, caused outrage last week after a video of him entering the home in Islington, north London went viral.

The video is just one of many stunts where he interferes with the public, and his antics have since seen him arrested, fined and now landed him in a chair across from Piers Morgan on his TalkTV show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

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In one clip posted to Morgan's 8.4 million Twitter followers the two squabble for the right to speak for around 40 seconds, before Mizzy questions what he thinks is faux 'public outroar', presumably an accidental portmanteau of outrage and uproar.

Listing off his rap sheet, Morgan culminates in mentioning Mizzy's approach to a trio of women whom he asks if they want to die.

The prankster says he only said that to a man in a different video, before the presenter asserts: "You shouldn't be saying that to anyone".

The cocky 18-year-old responds: "Fair enought but that's what happened."

Asked if the stunts are how he "gets his kicks", Mizzy responds: "Not necessarily but this whole public outroar just makes me laugh because people are getting hurt because of something that didn't happen to them. That's how I see it."

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Pressed on what exactly he means, he adds: "Everyone has this persona like they don't care like 'social media is a facade', but when me comes out and does the mad ting, everyone has something to say."

He later admitted that his own mother told him his antics were "wrong".

He then presses Piers on whether his opinion on him is coloured by the fact he is black, before they call each other an "idiot".

Mizzy ends by saying: "The UK laws are weak and that's not my fault."

He pleaded guilty to breaching a community protection order he was given last year when he walked into a family's house on 15 May.

He was fined £365 in relation to the video, the one that propelled him to social media infamy.

The judge at Thames Magistrates Court gave Ogarro a two-year criminal behaviour order.

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