Toddler dies after climbing into pan of boiling water in horrific home accident

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A murder probe has been launched into the death of a two-year-old toddler who climbed into a pan of boiling water.

The toddler was taken to unqualified traditional healers to treat her burns, as opposed to a hospital, and she died from her injuries earlier this month.

Two-year-old Lesya’s parents Darina and Ivan Gorov are now being investigated for murder after their daughter’s death in the village of Grygorivka in Ukraine, The Express reports.

Lesya’s parents reportedly decided not to take her to hospital, but to instead treat her injuries with herbal remedies.

Ukrainian police said Lesya’s burns occurred after Mrs Gorov failed to secure the pan of boiling water, which was being used to cook a chicken the family had slaughtered.

Lesya sustained burns to her abdomen, back, and bottom after slipping and falling into the pan of boiling water.

It is understood that Lesya was playing with her twin brother and four-year-old sister when the incident occured.

Konotop Medical College student Mrs Gorov, 18, took her daughter to traditional healers, who administered natural ointments to her injuries, which did little to ease the severe burns.

Lesya was finally taken to hospital five days after the incident, once her grandmother recognised the severity of her injuries.

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However, doctors were unable to save Lesya and she died as a result of her injuries ten days after being admitted on August 2.

A Ukrainian news report stated that those in her community “cannot understand why Lesya wasn't immediately taken to hospital and saved”.

Another commented on the child’s mother saying: “She is a future doctor”.

Her parents are not being investigated in an ongoing investigation for premeditated murder and if convicted they face between seven and 15 years in jail.

NHS advice states that appropriate first aid must be used to treat burns or scalds as soon as possible, and that acting quickly can limit the amount of damage caused to the affected person.

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