Travellers trap locals in homes with 20 caravans and ‘hurl projectiles at cars’

Travellers trapped locals inside their homes by barricading a road with 20 caravans and throwing projectiles at cars, residents said.

Locals say their Christmases were "ruined" after the newcomers blocked the only way in and out of a housing estate which led to violent scenes.

The vicious incident prompted riot police to turn up.

Travellers set up camp at the site of a disused factory in Worcester, Worcestershire, on December 16 before locking a gate and situating themselves on grass verges so vehicles couldn't pass.

The metal barrier outside the former Louts Factory meant locals could not gain access to or leave their homes as the street was the only way in and out of the estate.

Residents said how officers were forced to wait for backup from riot police before eventually reopening the gate on Christmas Eve, but it is understood the group remains at the site.

Homeowners in the estate have claimed they have since been verbally abused, had things hurled at their cars, and have witnessed several fights break out.

There have also been reports of cars racing up and down the roads, while others have had vehicles "dumped" in front of their homes.

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One man who lives locally said residents have been living in fear for their safety after 20 caravans descended on the estate.

He said: "[The responding officers] had to wait for the riot police as back up before opening the gates on a public road.

"How do you think we local residents feel?

"The gates were locked another couple of times after the police opened them.

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"The travellers have simply ignored the order. How can they be allowed to just do that?

"Law abiding citizens are being left to put up with this and suffer.

"We know police have the power to move them on but they're too scared.

"It is disgusting that this is allowed to continue."

Residents have since said they have increased in numbers and rubbish is now always littered around the estate.

Frustrated neighbours have also claimed they've been kept awake at night by loud chainsaws and late night parties.

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