TV hosts slam Queen’s new cleaner vacancy over ‘ungenerous pay and no life’

A TV host has criticised on the Queen's new hiring role for giving "little money with no life".

The comments were made after Buckingham Palace announced it was looking for two cleaners to keep the royal residence in pristine conditions – but for a salary as little as £11,300 per year.

Australia's 9News Today anchor Allison Langdon and co-host Richard Wilkins discussed the new jobs on Tuesday's morning show and said the roles would only be fit for royal fans.

Royal reporter Natalie Oliveri gave a brief description about the the difference in the two cleaning jobs.

She explained: "One is for a part-time cleaner, that's going to pay around AUD$22,000 a year or if you want to take the full-time version, you can get around AUD$40,000 per year.

"The role is a seven-day-a-week role, and no experience is needed, but the applicants are being told that they need to be able to keep Buckingham Palace looking at its very best while maintaining their highest standards.

"Now the successful applicant will also have to help support events and functions within the palace, so it sounds like a pretty exciting job there, don't you think?

"You have until next Wednesday to apply if you do want to become Buckingham Palace's new cleaner."

Allison quickly commented: "It's exciting if you like working seven days a week and having no life for $40,000 a year."

"I mean, you know, it's not a generous salary is it?" co-host Richard chimed in.

She then replied: "No, no, but you know for some people who love the Royal Family, they may just think that is their dream."

Natalie added that the cleaners might have a chance to see the members of the Royal Family and inside some of the Queen's private rooms, as well as "all the amazing art on the walls".

"You'd have a peek inside of the drawers to see the jewels collection, wouldn't you?" she joked.

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