UK long-range forecast: Red hot 35C European heatwave heading for Britain – new maps

BBC Weather forecasts rising temperatures across Europe

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The latest heat maps from Netweather have turned red to show scorching highs of 35C hitting France on Saturday, July 24. The red shades of hot air are then seen pushing upwards towards eastern parts of the UK on the same day. The European heat could send temperatures in Kent soaring to a sizzling 29C, while London and Essex bake at 28C.

Elsewhere, Norwich could be even hotter at 30C.

And further north, Leeds and Doncaster could see highs of 26C, and Newcastle and Cumbria could also be hit with 22C.

Netweather’s monthly forecast for July added a “significant heatwave” could strike the UK between Monday July 19, and Sunday, July 25.

The forecast said: “Pressure is expected to be relatively high over Scandinavia for much of this week, with the UK seeing above-average pressure, especially in the north, and an above-average frequency of southerly winds.

“There is potential for troughs to increasingly move in from the west and fill the gap between the high pressure centres over the Azores and Scandinavia.

“This week is the most likely to feature a significant heatwave for the UK, with southerly and south-easterly winds likely to feature.

“This is as the fine anticyclonic weather breaks down from the west, potentially pulling some hot air masses up from southern Europe and also creating potential for thundery breakdowns.”

The Met Office added the hot weather could last until August as temperatures stay “above average between Friday, July 23, and Friday, August 6.

The forecast said: “For the rest of July and into early August, conditions are most likely to be warmer and drier than average.

“Some spells of unsettled weather are still possible, especially in the northwest of the UK, but overall most areas should have a good deal of fine and dry weather.

“There is a small chance of a few thunderstorms, especially across southern and eastern areas.

“Temperatures are likely to be above average, with the south possibly feeling very warm or hot at times.”

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The BBC’s long-range forecast between Monday, July 19, and Sunday, August 1, also predicted warmer spells towards the end of the month.

The forecast said: “For the second half of July the large-scale pattern may be shaken-up, thanks to some tropical rainfall anomalies around Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

“Historically, this supports high pressure in the Atlantic shifting eastwards across northern Europe and heading into Russia in the following weeks.

“In recent months this has been a useful forecasting aid, bringing a couple of warm spells, such as the one at the beginning of June.

“We still think the best chances for a warmer and drier spell will be in late-July as high pressure shifts overhead from the southwest before continuing eastward into Russia.

“This period will likely last around a week bringing some prolonged dry, sunny, and warm weather for the whole UK.

“This would be a more southwesterly wind carrying sub-tropical Atlantic air, which is warm but not overly hot.

“There is a slight chance that we could see a hot southerly wind for a few days as high pressure shifts into Germany, but confidence is low on that.”

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