UK snow forecast: Britons set for Atlantic SNOW blast – Weather warnings issued until 2021

UK weather warnings issued as cold snap continues

Due to a heavy band of low pressure moving through the UK over the next few days, sub-zero temperatures are set to continue for many across the country. As of this afternoon, the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow and ice for parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern Wales. Yellow weather warnings will remain in place until the beginning of January as the UK is hit by a cold blast of air from the Atlantic.

On Wednesday, this weather warning will be for all of the UK with snow and ice predicted in many areas of the country.

Throughout today, a band of low pressure will move eastwards bringing with it cold air from the North Sea.

Due to this, the Midlands and eastern Wales could see patches of snow or rain in some areas where the band of cold weather moves across the UK.

Because of the cold weather across the UK, many areas will struggle to see the mercury rise above 5C (41F).

Overnight on Tuesday, temperatures are expected to fall to sub-zero temperatures with the mercury falling to -3C in parts of northern England.

Due to a band of rain passing over the country combined with the sub-zero temperatures, the Met Office has warned of heavy sleet, ice and possibly snow in northern parts.

Commenting on weather, Met Office meteorologist, Clare Nasir said: “Ice warnings are in force for the North West of England as well as Wales overnight.

“Towards the South, there is an area of low pressure coming from the Atlantic.

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“This will readily turn to snow as it pushes ever eastwards clipping southern parts of England and Wales through Wednesday, so expect a covering of snow.”

On Wednesday morning, the north of Scotland will see bitterly cold showers with some areas predicted to drop to -10C due to the heavy band of sleet and snow.

Ms Nasir added: “A band of weather will bring clouds eventually some outbreaks of rain which will turn to snow overnight before that though the UK will see sub-zero temperatures.

“Temperatures could reach -10C in the glens of Scotland while showers will continue tomorrow again along the coast but they will push inland and they will be snow.

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“Towards the South West rain slowly moves across these parts before turning to snow on its northern edge but even under any heavier bursts embedded within that rainy system, expect some snow for a time across southern parts of Wales and southern parts of England.”

Although temperatures will not reach sub-zero levels, the mercury will struggle to surpass 5C (41F) for many across the country on New Year’s Eve.

Scotland will once again see snow, while for many other areas on Thursday, the Met Office has forecast patches of rain and possibly sleet.

Like much of this week, the beginning of January is set to be cold with wintry showers for many in the UK.

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In their long-range forecast from Sunday 3, the Met said: “Likely remaining cold throughout this period with the risk of wintry hazards.

“It will be dry at times, with the driest and clearest conditions likely in the west and northwest, and showers likely further east.

“These showers often wintry with hill snow but with a chance of snow falling to lower-levels at times.

“There is potential for spells of more organised precipitation, accompanied by stronger winds to move north from the continent into southern and central areas.

“Temperatures are likely to be below average bringing the risk of frost and freezing fog along with very cold overnight temperatures over any snow cover.”

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