UK snow forecast: Five inches of snow on Christmas Day as ferocious polar blast hits

BBC Weather: Heavy and thundery showers to hit parts of UK

Low pressure from the Arctic is expected to push a cold front down the UK from next week, which could bring wintry weather with it. Central and Eastern Scotland is predicted to see up to five inches of snow on Christmas Day, according to WXCHARTs’ snow depth models. A sprinkle is also expected to fall in northern parts of England including Carlisle and Middlesbrough as temperatures plunge to sub-zero levels. The snow was forecast to start laying today in central Scotland, with the maps showing seven inches on higher ground, before lingering for another 16 days.

On Christmas Day at 6am, temperatures are also forecast to plunge as low as -1 in central Scotland, according to Netweather’s charts.

Next week is likely to shiver with even colder temperatures as -3C is predicted in Scottish regions of Fort William and Dundee, on Thursday, December 17.

The rest of the UK should stay in single figures, with northwestern regions including Liverpool at 3C and 5C further south in London, Birmingham and Bournemouth.

Brian Gaze from the Weather Outlook predicted snow to fall next week in the Scottish Mountains ahead of Christmas week.

He told “At the moment it looks like it will turn milder later this week and early next week.

“Maximum temperatures on Monday could range from 9C (48F) in the north to 12C (54F) in the south.

“Things then look quite average during the second half of next week with showers or longer spells of rain and snow restricted to the Scottish Mountains.”

Mr Gaze added the UK could face a deep freeze over the Christmas and New Year period due to a cold front pushing over from Europe.

He said: “During the Christmas and New Year period things are very uncertain right now.

“Computer models are showing the possibility of bitterly cold air moving westwards across mainland Europe.

“There is a chance of it reaching the UK but at the moment the chance looks to be between 20 and 30, so it’s not the most probable outcome.

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“However, if the colder outcome happened we could expect the risk of snow to become more widespread and a ‘Beast from the East’ type weather pattern.

“Temperatures would struggle with severe nighttime frosts and very cold days. So I’m not ruling out a White Christmas at the moment.”

BBC weather’s monthly forecast said cold weather from western Russia and Scandinavia could push towards the UK during the last part of December.

The forecast said: “We can’t ignore the prospect that the massive high pressure area over Scandinavia extends a bit further west for a time during the last 10 days of December.

“This would deflect low pressure areas near the UK further south, down over France and Spain.

“Cold air over Scandinavia and northern Russia would then find it much easier to flow towards the UK for a few days.”

The BBC forecast added snow may fall just before New Year.

It said: “With a low pressure track often close to the UK, an extended dry, calm and very cold spell still seems unlikely.

“But a short-lived cold intrusion, with frost, freezing fog and perhaps even some sleet and snow showers in a few areas, should make another appearance before the New Year.

“It’s too early to be more specific on the exact timings yet, and crucially, if this colder weather will come in for Christmas Day.”

The Met Office added wintry weather could strike during the festive week.

The forecast said: “Confidence is very low during this period, with forecast signals weak and rather mixed.

“On balance, most likely to remain changeable with periods of more settled and unsettled weather both likely.

“Outbreaks of rain and windy conditions are likely, particularly in the north and west, with wintry showers possible on high ground and maybe to lower levels at times.

“There is a possibility of drier weather and sunshine for a time during the festive period.

“This will bring potential for fog, frost, and very cold nights. Temperatures are likely to be at or slightly above average for this time of year, though some colder interludes are possible.

“There is a possibility that conditions may become wetter and milder at the start of January.”

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