UK weather: Exactly when 24C heat blast will end

UK forecast: Unsettled and disruptive weather on the way

Britons will bask in an “Indian Summer-like” warm spell in October but it is not expected to last beyond the middle of the month, a senior meteorologist has said.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, said there will be some warmer weather around for the first 15 days of the month, though nobody is saying it is “in the can” at this stage.

He told “It looks dry in England, less so in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, but nonetheless, give or take, we are looking at a reasonably dry spell, not including the last of September.”

Mr Dale said high pressure may dominate and if it comes from a southerly direction it will bring some warmth, although this will be impacted by the longer nights, morning fog and morning mists.

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He added: “I don’t think we will beat the 29.9C October record. What’s been hinted at is a generally sanguine start to October.”

The senior meteorologist said temperatures could reach 20-21C, with one or two degrees more than that also possible.

Mr Dale said Lincolnshire’s east coast up to North Yorkshire, Kent and London will see the most warmth, with temperatures a little bit warmer than expected for the time of year.

He continued: “By October 15 we would not expect to see 20C. That’s the direction of travel. October does have the potential to deliver Indian Summer-like weather at times, but not all the time.”

The weather expert said there is a “fair way to go” before there is more certainty around the forecast.

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Mr Dale said: “September will probably be an above average month (temperature wise). October will probably do the same. At the moment, that’s what we would expect.”

He explained that while temperatures will be in the low 20Cs, Britain won’t see longer periods of warm weather due to the shorter days.

Weather maps produced on Tuesday (September 26) by WX Charts show a maximum temperature of 20C in London on October 1 with temperatures in the high to mid-teens for much of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scotland will be cooler with temperatures ranging from 12C to 15C, according to WX Charts.

Mr Dale’s forecast chimes with the Met Office’s long range forecast from October 1-10, with “lengthier drier spells” between Atlantic frontal systems expected.

It adds: “By way of contrast, areas further north and west will probably remain more unsettled with occasional rain and stronger winds at times.

“There is a chance of a more widely settled spell towards the end of the period, potentially bringing drier conditions further north. Temperatures likely to be above average, with a chance of chilly nights accompanied by mist or fog patches in settled conditions.”

From October 11-25, the Met Office says a “slowly evolving weather pattern” is considered more likely through this period, with “a typical mix” of settled and unsettled spells of weather.

It added: “Within the more settled periods it is possible that northern parts will receive below average rainfall, with the south possibly receiving above average rainfall.

“Temperatures are more likely to be above average than below average overall, but with chilly nights in settled conditions.”

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