UK weather forecast: Hurricane alert as winds and rain to smash Britain in HOURS- new maps

BBC Weather: Torrential rain and gusty winds to hit UK

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Meteorologists hold that the hurricane could become a “tropical rainstorm”, bringing with it heavy rains to parts of the UK. Maps hold wind speeds up to 62mph could be felt in the southeast by Tuesday afternoon.

Tyler Ros, AccuWeather Meteorologist, told Tuesday will see Hurricane Sam “become a tropical rainstorm just southeast of Newfoundland Labrador”.

He added: “There is some disagreement in where the centre of Sam will go from there.

“The window of movement midweek this upcoming week could either take the center of Sam to Iceland or to Scotland.

“I would say no matter what through the various solutions that are out there, most of them bring rain, potentially heavy, to at least N. Ireland and Scotland.

“If the centre of Sam is closer to Scotland there will be an increase potential for damaging wind gusts over 50mph to N. Ireland and Scotland and the rain will encompass more of the United Kingdom.”

Mr Ros then added rains from Hurricane Sam “could reach London or stay to the north of the region”.

He also said: ‘Besides the rain that is likely across N. Ireland and Scotland, rough surf across the western shores will also be an issue.”

Flood warnings have also been issued in England and Wales.

Keswick Campsite, near Carlisle, has been issued a flood warning alongside five flood alerts in the northwest and southeast.

One flood alert is in effect in Wales, with Mawddach and Wnion Catchment warned of “some localised flooding”.

BBC Weather also holds that Hurricane Sam will bring heavy rains for the first full week of October.

In its forecast between October 4-10, the BBC said: “Low pressure will tend to dominate proceedings over northern Europe, with high-pressure ether side over the North Atlantic and across northeast Europe and Russia.

“That should be the general set-up for most of October but occasional shifts in the position of low pressure could impact the UK at times. One such shift could occur next week.

“From Monday to Thursday, further frontal systems are expected to sweep in from the Atlantic and bring some heavy rain and strong winds again – so, not much change there.

“But the rest of the week could see high pressure trying to build from the southwest towards at least the southern half of the UK and into France.

“This could be linked to Hurricane Sam, the remnants of which are expected to be absorbed by a mid-latitude low-pressure system moving northeast towards Iceland. Hurricanes often disrupt European weather patterns, and this instance the knock-on effect could be to amplify high pressure from the east Atlantic into northwest Europe.”

Greg Dewhurst, senior meteorologist at the Met Office, has also warned snow could be on the way within weeks.

He told the Mirror: “We’re now entering the time of the year when the change in conditions becomes really noticeable.

“As we enter October it certainly will get colder. Although snow is not forecast imminently, there is always a real chance in the weeks ahead.

“It is not uncommon at this time of the year.”

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “Hurricanes can have some good impacts – as Sam drives warm air north, allowing high pressure to settle things down for most of the UK.”

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond also said: “There will be talk of an Indian summer if Sam shoves warm southerly winds and a marked upturn in temperatures our way.”

A Met Office forecaster added: “Monday has more showers, and wet and windy weather arrives in the South West during the evening.

“Rain, some heavy, and coastal gales will affect England and Wales on Tuesday.

“It will become warmer and more settled from Wednesday, with temperatures expected to be above average through the period to the weekend, with sunny spells and patchy overnight fog.

“But the North West is forecast unsettled conditions with cloud, rain and some strong winds.”

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