UK weather forecast: Nation basks in 19C sunshine – but warning of FREEZING nights to come

The coming days are expected to be sunny and dry but forecasters have warned of a chilly breeze. Temperatures will reach up to 19C on Monday in parts of the country.

A Met Office meteorologist said: “There will be plenty of sunshine to come across the whole of the UK through today and indeed the next few days as well.

“Taking a look at the rest of Sunday, blue skies across Scotland and much of England.

“A little more in the way of cloud across parts of Wales, south west England and also Northern Ireland but here it should stay largely dry.

“Temperatures on the warm side 17C to 19C at best but quite cool along the east coast with a brisk easterly breeze.”

It will be dry overnight but temperatures could plunge to -5C in parts of Scotland.

After a frosty start on Monday, Britons are expected to enjoy a sunny spell.

The Met Office said: “Overnight it remains dry, some cloud across the south west of the UK but overall clear skies.

“Quite a chilly night, temperatures will dip away, we’re looking at lows of -4C or -5C across parts of Scotland.

“A frosty start to Monday any mist and murk will clear to leave a day of sunshine but a keen easterly breeze keeping those temperatures quite chilly.

“Low chance of a shower in the far south west but here highs will still reach around 18C or 19C.

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“High pressure holds on over the coming few days keeping it dry and sunny but there will be some chilly nights.”

The weather is forecast to be sunny from Tuesday to Thursday, with temperatures dropping overnight.

The Met Office said: “Clear, sunny and increasingly warm for most by day, and clear but chilly by night.

“The wind will ease and allow overnight mist and fog to become more prevalent.”

It comes after the UK basked in scorching temperatures over the Easter weekend before the mercury plunged on the bank holiday Monday.

Parks and beaches were largely deserted amid the coronavirus lockdown as people stayed at home to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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