Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky plays piano ‘with his penis’ in 2016 sketch

A cheeky video shows Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelenskyy pretending to play a piano with his penis in an unearthed comedy sketch.

The 44-year-old former comedian and actor, now leading Ukraine as it resists invasion from Russia, appeared in front of a giggling audience with his pants down.

In the clip, piano music is playing as the comic stands with his hands above his head and his trousers around his ankles to give the illusion he is using another body part entirely to tinkle on the ivories.

People in the audience appear to be almost suffocating with laughter at the daft sketch, and it's won him new fans after going viral on social media years later.

The footage from the 2016 skit was dug up and shared on Twitter, with one user joking: "Who among us has not played 'Hava Nagila' on a piano with their genitals on stage and then gone on to lead their country against a foreign invasion?"

A second tweeted: "How could we love him more? Okay, now we know. Hero. Fighter. Leader. Dancer Extraordinaire. Husband. Father. Entertainer. Spiritual Man."

Someone else quipped: "If Zelenskyy were really playing, all you would hear would be the repeated sound of all 88 keys being played at once over and over again."

"I can't decide whether he's gone up in my estimation, or down, after that performance!" wrote another viewer.

A Ukrainian commented: "I deeply disagreed with the decision of my fellow citizens to elect for a leader of a country that was at war – a comedian who was far from politics, and that’s putting it mildly.

"Now I’m glad he turned out to be a strong man. He learned. The post, the war, the people changed him."

In another clip, this time from his political satire series Servant of the People, Zelenskyy shouts out "f***ing Putin" in a fictional phone call with German chancellor Angela Merkel.

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