‘Ukraine will definitely win’ Zelensky deputy gives update on safety of Ukraine leader

Ukraine: Zelensky is an 'example for the world' says deputy

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Ihor Brusylo the Deputy Head of President Zelensky’s office phoned into BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to give an update on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mr Brusylo praised the President of Ukraine for being an example to all people around the world, for his bravery and for how he has handled the ongoing conflict. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been trying to occupy the country and take over main regions in order to impose his own political puppet that will not align with Western ideals and organisations like NATO. The Deputy Head also told the BBC that he has high expectations that the war is nearing the end.

BBC Radio host said: “Just a final thought, how safe is President Zelensky and indeed you at the moment?”

Mr Brusylo said: “Well we’re safe, we’re not leaving the country we are working to defend our country.

“The President is an example, not only for Ukrainians, now the President is an example for all the world.

“And that’s what he’ll do to the end, to win the war and, I would say once again every person now in Ukraine is absolutely doing fine.

“Is having the high expectations, proved expectations that the war is near to the end.”

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It does not be looking good for Putin, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reported that around 9,200 Russian troops have died in the conflict.

Whereas Russian politicians have been denying the high death count, and are claiming to have only lost 498 men.

An unnamed and undisclosed Western official told the Telegraph: “We’re seeing some commanders being killed.

“My assessment would be those commanders have been killed because they’ve had to go further and closer to the front.

“The reason why that’s happening is commanders feel they have to move further forward to get greater impetus and control over operations.

“That’s an indication perhaps of some degree of frustration, some degree of lack of progress and they’re trying to impose their personality onto the battlefield and then putting themselves at personal risk.”

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Former Ukrainian President warns 'don't believe Putin'

Despite Mr Brusylo’s positivity, Ukrainian Ministers have still been asking for help from global political heads.

“We are ready to fight. We will continue fighting. But we need partners to help us with concrete, resolute and swift actions, now.”

Due to so much footage of innocent lives being taken by Russian forces in Ukraine, The Met Police in the UK have decided to help by gathering evidence with the International Criminal Court’s investigation into war crimes in Ukraine. 

The Head of the Counter-Terrorism Command, Commander Richard Smith recently confirmed reports that the war crimes team is gathering evidence to help Ukraine. 

Mr Smith called on members of the public to help “direct messages, images or videos that friends or relatives here in the UK have been sent by those in Ukraine.”

Mr Smith added: “Or it could be somebody who was previously in Ukraine and who may have witnessed or even been a victim of a war crime and has since travelled to the UK.

“To be clear though, we specifically want to hear from people who are nowhere in the UK, and who have a direct link to any relevant information or evidence – this is not about the general public highlighting or telling us about things they might have simply come across or seen in the media, online or on social media.”

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