US election 2020: How Republicans could delay election results to December

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Americans will conclude the 2020 presidential race on November 3 this year, as remaining voters take to the polls. They have spent months casting their ballots thanks to early and postal voting rules amid COVID-19, which seems to have encouraged an increased turnout. But early voting won’t necessarily translate to early results, and Republicans could ensure they take nearly a month more than expected to arrive.

Over the last year, journalists have quizzed Mr Trump on how he would handle losing the election on November 4, to which they have received troubling replies.

The President has regularly repeated claims this year’s results could be the result of mail-in ballot fraud – something officials have repeatedly disproven.

He also refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, leaving experts concerned he would attempt to hold on to the presidency no matter what.

Mr Trump has also touched on challenging election results, with Republicans increasingly likely to challenge any close races, which could draw out election results.

Speaking to, Robert Singh, a professor of politics at Birkbeck, University of London and Associate Fellow of the Institute for the Study of the Americas, said Republicans could stall the election for nearly a month.

Professor Singh said: “If the vote looks close, there will no doubt be legal challenges by Republicans in various states, which could reach the Supreme Court.

“And that might delay the formal confirmation of the outcome until early December.”

He also warned of severe implications in the event Mr Trump attempted to stay past his welcome.

Professor Singh added the President would have no choice but to go and could end up being escorted out of the White House by the military.

He said: “One way or another, it will be resolved and, if he has lost, he’ll have to go.

“In the end, only his family will support him, plus a few die-hard loyalists.

“Republican Senators and the Washington establishment would come together and eventually, if necessary, the military would escort him out on Inauguration Day.”

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However, Professor Singh added the President might not go to such lengths in the end anyway, suggesting he would want a return to “normal”.

He added: “But I think all that is overblown – despite it all, since he never imagined becoming president in the first place, and doesn’t really seem to like the job, I suspect he’d privately like to go back to his ‘normal’ life and then constantly snipe at Biden from the sidelines.”

Speculation about what may happen to Mr Trump following an unsuccessful campaign has started rumbling with increased urgency recently.

Experts have endeavoured to predict what would happen to both the man himself and his Trumpist “movement”.

While Mr Trump has previously suggested he would leave the country if he lost, political scientists said they believed his movement would endure.

Speaking to the New York Times, Stanley Feldman, a political scientist at Stony Brook University in New York, said the Republican Party has endeared itself to Trumpian politics.

He said: “There just isn’t much evidence that the previous establishment side of the party (the Bush wing) has significant support among current Republican identifiers.

“Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016 because he sent the strongest signals to Republican primary voters that he would champion their views as president.”

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