Use of force in question at Millhaven treatment centre following incident with inmate: report

The 2018-2019 annual report from the Office of the Correctional Investigator tells of one instance in which an inmate with “significant impairments” was allegedly abused by several correctional officers at a Millhaven Institution treatment facility.

Ivan Zinger, the correctional investigator, believes this story is simply one instance in a pattern of inmate abuse at the Millhaven Regional Treatment Centre.

In fact, Zinger’s report found that Millhaven made up 80 per cent of all unecessary use-of-force incidents at institutional treatment centres across the country.

Zinger provided security footage stills of an altercation that took place while an inmate was going through a theraputic interview with a behaviourial technologist.

The report notes the inmate had a “serious mental health disorder with significant impairments.”

During his interview, the inmate asked a nearby security officer if he could go to the recreation yard after the session.

The security officer said no, since there was maintenance going on in the yard.

When the inmate protested, Zinger said the officer’s response simply “escalated the situation.” Despite the behaviourial technologist’ attempt to intervene with verbal coaching, the technologist was then abruptly asked to leave the room due to safety concerns, the report says.

Zinger pointed out notes from the behaviourial technologist, who said at no point did they feel the inmate was putting anyone was at risk.

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