Vladimir Putin’s unacknowledged children as he hides mistress during Ukraine war

The leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has become a hot topic in Europe following his decision to invade an independent country.

However, despite his willingness to put the lives of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians on the line, he too has shown he has a heart after rumours emerged he has hidden his mistress and four of his children away in a secret Swiss location.

Alina Kabaeva, 38, the former Russian rhythmic gymnast and alleged lover of Putin, picked up a bronze medal at the Olympic games in Syndey in 2000 before four years later securing the gold in Athens.

The reported police officer’s ex-wife has rarely been seen since rumours suggesting she had been shacking up with the Russian top-dog emerged.

According to Page Six, Kabaeva is now hiding in Switzerland with their four offspring, although the exact number has never been confirmed.

He also has an ex-wife, Lyudmila Shkrebneva – leaving a key question. How many children does Vladimir have?

How many children does Putin have?

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Reports vary massively about how many kids he really has. According to the Sun, he has two daughters whose existences are confirmed and a third whose is not.

If all the rumours are true, of which there is no verified evidence, then Putin could potentially have seven children. However, only two have been confirmed.

His eldest daughter, Mariya Vorontsova, is 35 and his second, Yekaterina Tikhonova, is 33.

If all the rumours are true this would make his mistress just three years older than his oldest daughter.

Throughout his career, the eldest daughters have been kept out of the limelight, rarely appearing publicly.

Mariya is the daughter of Vlad and Lyudmila and was born in 1985. She is an endocrinologist with a career in medical research and is an expert on dwarfism.

The publication says she is married to a Dutch businessman, Jorrit Faassen, the two having kids together which would make Vladimir Putin a grandfather.

Yekaterina, meanwhile, is reported to be a former dancer, however now has made the enormous career pivot to become an intelligence officer.

The former wife of Russia’s youngest billionaire, Kirill Shamalov, she has a doctorate from Moscow State University.

However, despite her education, it seems that as a child both her and her sister’s passion lay with music.

In an interview with legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, Putin discussed the interests of his then-young daughters.

Asked about his daughters’ music taste, Putin said: “They listen to a lot of different music, but you had better ask them about their preferences.”

Webber then asked if he liked what his daughters played and whether they do it too loudly. Putin replied: “No, they don't. They studied music, not professionally, but for a fairly long time. They play the violin and the piano, they sing and accompany each other. One plays the piano and the other the violin, and then they swap, the second plays the violin and the first the piano.”

Putin’s alleged secret third child

A third woman, Luiza Rozova, also known as Elizaveta Krivonogikh, has been rumoured to be the third child of Vladimir Putin, although he has always denied these claims.

Her relation to the Russian president was made by opposition media in 2021, although she too has never confirmed the relation.

Putin's rumoured children with Alina Kabaeva

The four children Putin reportedly has with Kabaeva and who are said to be in Switzerland are something of a mystery.

Page Six reports that two of the children are twins, believed to be girls aged around seven and born in Lugano, Switzerland.

The publication also reports they have two sons together.

Speaking to Page Six, a source said: “Alina has two young boys and twin girls with Putin who were born in Switzerland.

“The kids all have Swiss passports, and I imagine she does also.”

The source added: “While Putin carries out his assault on the Ukraine, attacking innocent citizens and causing a refugee crisis, his family is holed up in a very private and very secure chalet somewhere in Switzerland — for now, at least."

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