What happens when a Winnipeg first responder comes in contact with novel coronavirus?

While firefighters and paramedics are about to start taking extra precautions, questions still remain about what will happen when a Winnipeg first responder helps someone who is sick with the new strain of coronavirus, says their union leader.

It seems that this can be transmitted easier than some of the other viruses that we’ve had dealt with in the last few decades,” United Firefighters of Winnipeg president Alex Forrest told 680CJOB.

“What happens to those firefighters?” he asked.

“Once you have contact with an individual, does that mean that there’s going to be mass isolation of ambulance and fire personnel? And how do you deal with that?

Thursday, a woman on a flight from Vancouver was removed from a plane that landed in Winnipeg. The woman, who had recently been in China, fell ill during the flight.

Emergency personnel went onto the plane in protective gear and masks. The passengers were allowed to disembark about 90 minutes after they landed.

One of those passengers was Winnipeg Blue Bomber star linebacker Adam Bighill.

“We were kind of at the gate, but just at the tarmac and they weren’t saying anything about why we weren’t getting off the plane or why it was taking so long,” said Bighill.

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