Wild West-style ‘Wanted’ posters to round-up fly-tippers distributed

Wild West-style “Wanted” posters are being used to round up fly-tippers.

The campaign is aimed at getting the public to dish the dirt on culprits.

Rubbish dumpers caught in the act on CCTV are featuring in the poster campaign.

It comes after growing anger from the public who say that fly-tipping problems are blighting their communities.

Councils have recently highlighted the cost of clearing up items dumped illegally around the country.

The stills from CCTV footage in north-west London will be put up in public and placed on Brent Council’s website.

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One shot of a man dumping bags carries the headline: “Wanted for crimes against your streets.”

It continues: “Do you know this person illegally dumping rubbish in Kings Road. Penalty: up to five years in prison or an unlimited fine. Reward: Cleaner streets.”

Muhammed Butt, the council leader, said: “Brent is a fantastic place and most residents absolutely love where they live and take pride in our neighbourhoods.

“But a minority of individuals do not. No-one wants a pile of rubbish dumped on their street and the individuals doing this are not being fair to the rest of us.

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“This campaign is all about ramming home the message that illegal rubbish dumping is not acceptable.

“From now on, if our cameras spot people dumping rubbish illegally, we will ask the rest of the community to tell us who they are and then take them to court on the community’s behalf.”

Government statistics show that in 2018/19 the council had to deal with the third-highest number of fly-tipping incidents – 24,000 – across England.

It took enforcement action in 6,632 cases.

Nationally, fixed penalty notices by councils rose by 11% to 76,000 in 2018/19.

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