Winter wonderland slammed as ‘pile of garbage’ shuts down after scathing reviews

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A Winter wonderland with "one mardy-looking penguin" has been blasted as "the worst thing I've ever attended".

Organisers decided to pull the plug on the Christmas attraction after a matter of days after scathing reviews quickly flooded in on Facebook.

Christmas Wonderland UK promised visitors a chance to meet Santa "in his beautiful immersive experience Grotto", along with rides and festive light displays.

The disappointing reality however, left dozens of mums furious at forking out "nearly £90" for a family trip and still having to pay to get a snap with Father Christmas.

In a social media announcement earlier this month, organisers claimed that bad weather had unfortunately forced the Rotherham-based attraction to close.

But with comments disabled on the post and visitors claiming to have previous reviews blocked by Christmas Wonderland UK, disgruntled parents say the weather was the least of its issues.

Mum Tina went along to Magma Science Adventure Centre's car park in Rotherham, South Yorks with her mum and three kids.

She told the Daily Star: "The girls were so excited. We arrived. It was just light rain. Nothing major. We pulled up I was like why is it a ghost town? Surely this isn't it. But yep it was. We went and checked in, a lady said 'you may find some of the outdoors is shut due to weather'.

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"It was just a bit of rain. Anyway we walked through and literally nothing and I mean nothing was open. No stalls, no rides, no music. Not that there were many rides there anyway. We then went to the tent seeing as it was only thing to do. £2.50 each for a marshmallow?"

The £2.50 sweet treat children could toast over a fire was also a sticking point for mum Claire, who like others considered everything to be way overpriced.

Julie wrote on Facebook: "Do not waste your money. It is not as advertised. A total waste of your time and money."

Vicki added: "My comment's keep deleted, it's absolutely shocking and a waste of money. £56 down the drain and very disappointed children."

Tina gave a hilarious account of her family's miserable time at Christmas Wonderland UK.

She said: "Honestly I laugh about it now but at the time I was so angry and upset. That they sold it as this magical event. Paid for my mother in law to go etc and it was absolutely the worst thing I've ever attended.

"I was impressed to begin with at the grotto however we got to the second room and didn't even get to see the whole of the play before a lady was ushering us through to see Santa."

Tina continued: "You can't take pictures with Santa. You have to pay at least £10 for the picture at the end.

"And the kids got a s*** book. I don't understand why they charge adults to go through this. £14 each for kids was enough surely. Never in my life have I attended anything less Christmasy. My local co op has more Christmas spirit than that event!"

Having opened on December 3, the attraction was shut down just four days later due to bad weather conditions, a lengthy Facebook post explained.

It shared on Facebook: "On the event build up, storm Arwen caused major delays with many infrastructure items being damaged, not arriving in time and having to be replaced.

"Adverse weather conditions continued further last Friday and Saturday and although we tried our best it was unsustainable for the stall holders to stay due the safety of themselves and guests attending.

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"In addition, the fairground rides were then closed for periods of time due to the unsafe operating conditions due to the wind and rain."

The post added "we’ve put everything we could into this project. All of our time, effort.. everything we have."

Mum Tina however refused to buy the explanation, she commented: "They should have just held their hands up and said 'you know what? It didn't work'. Instead they come up with a s*** excuse so they don't have to return anyone's money."

Christmas Wonderland UK has been approached for a comment.

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