Woman killed and put in a blender during stay in rogue Mexican rehab centre

An American woman who booked herself into a dodgy Mexican rehab centre to treat a severe drug and alcohol addiction was slaughtered and put into a blender by the centre’s owners.

The owners of the Monarch rehabilitation centre, which lies in the heart of the border city of Ciudad Juárez, are currently on trial and could face life imprisonment for the cruel murder of the addiction-suffering woman.

Celia Yaneth Castañeda, a 35-year-old Kansas woman, was put into the rehab centre on May 17 by her relatives after living in the States with a drug and alcohol addiction for around 10 years.

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She allegedly had a “violent episode” on her very first night and attacked both of the owners, according tolocal media reports.

The owners, identified as Diana Paola and Claudia Rubi, then allegedly beat the addiction-suffering woman to death before attempting to hide her body by cutting it into small pieces, according to a police report read out in court.

Cops were sickened when they found several plastic buckets filled with human flesh and bones in the bathtub, as well as plastic bags filled with even more bones in the centre, which the couple tried to run from when police arrived.

They found a blender filled with human flesh in the kitchen, leading investigators to determine that the alleged killers tried to liquefy the victim’s genitals along with her intestines.

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The judge said that there were even more gruesome details from the case that he deliberately chose to withhold to preserve the victim’s dignity.

"For the sake of not re-victimizing the victim, for the sake of her dignity, I will not go on," Judge Brisa Yadira Meraz reportedly said.

The owners’ trial continues in the city of Ciudad Juárez, with the sick alleged killers being held in a penitentiary in the city until their trial has concluded.

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