Woman told to ‘get over herself’ after reaction to ‘sexual’ Secret Santa gift

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A woman who received a Secret Santa present with "really unpleasant sexual slurs" has been told to "get over herself" after her angry reaction to the gift.

The tradition sees each staff member given a colleague to secretly buy a present for – but one Mumsnet user was furious when she opened her gift.

She posted on the Am I Being Unreasonable forum: “I have been gifted a 'Go F**k Yourself I'm Colouring' 50 swear words to colour your anger away, adult colouring book…

“Which should be fine, (but) a lot of the words to colour are not swear words per se but really, really unpleasant misogynistic, sexual slurs and terms that I associate with pornography.”

The post triggered hundreds of comments, with most people agreeing she was right to be angry and disgusted, reports the Liverpool Echo.

One fuming commenter wrote: "It’s vile, just bin it, I wouldn’t even give it another moment of thought to say something. Do you know who gave you it?"

A second said: "Yes, that's pretty horrible. Bin it. But I wouldn't be taking it personally or saying anything.

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“Secret Santa is a nightmare for all kinds of reasons including this one of allowing people to demonstrate their very poor taste and judgement".

The poster went on to explain that she was "quite offended" that someone had deemed it an appropriate gift for a 50-year-old colleague in a professional environment.

She took to the site to ask for advice on whether she should confront the person who bought it for her or just throw the book away.

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“My quandary is whether I should say something to the group or just hide it in the recycling and forget about it?” she asked.

But her question was bluntly answered by another user who told her: "Get over yourself. Regarding the messages in the book itself, I suspect your colleague didn't look at every single one. Recycle and forget."

Another added: “If you don't find it funny bin it and move on. Don't be the t**t who makes a big deal of it after Christmas.”

At the time of writing, 68% of Mumsnet users voted she was not being unreasonable.

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