World War 3: North Korea spent two days planning liaison office explosion attack

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But, a source from Kaesong, the surrounding city suggests preparations for the action began two days earlier on June 14. According to South Korean based Daily NK, North Korean soldiers were observed strengthening security and patrols in the surrounding areas. The source told the publication preparation “began to ramp up from June 14.”

Authorities then issued an order calling local residents to “stay away from the Kaesong Industrial Complex no matter what.”

It has been reported soldiers were seen unloading boxes from trucks.

The source explained: “At the time, the people had no way of knowing what the boxes were, and it wasn’t until a loud explosion was heard on June 16 that they realized the boxes probably contained explosives.

“The number of security guards near the liaison office greatly increased until right before the explosion.

“Although locals who observed this from a distance had no way of knowing what was going on, they were afraid to say anything out of fear they might get in trouble, so they simply exchanged glances under the belief that something major was happening.”

The explosion came after Pyongyang grew unhappy at anti-North Korea leaflets launched over the border.

A direct hotline to Seoul was also cut.

On Wednesday, the eve of the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, state media reported Kim Jong-un had decided to suspend the military action threatened by his sister, Kim Yo-jong.

Ramon Pacheco Pardo of King’s College London told Al Jazeera: “North Korea feels that it hasn’t received the concessions it was looking for from South Korea and the United States at the summits over the past few years.

“The heightening of tensions is to signal displeasure at what has happened and that something different is needed.”

Kim has met US President Donald Trump three times.

However, the summits have been mentioned in John Bolton’s book ‘The Room Where It Happened’.


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Mr Bolton discussed the North Korea summits in detail and told National Public Radio that Trump likened the Singapore summit to his dating life.

Mr Bolton said: “Well, he said that he always, back in the day, as they say, he always wanted to be the one who broke up with the girl first.

“He didn’t want the girl to break up with him.

“And he used that to describe whether he would cancel the summit with Kim Jong-un first or whether we would risk the North Koreans canceling it.”

Chung Eui-yong, the director of national security in Seoul has dismissed claims that Mr Bolton has made about the summits.

Mr Chung said in a statement: “It does not depict accurate facts.

“A considerable portion of it is distorted.”

He did not elaborate exactly what he was referring to.

Mr Chung is thought to have played a key role in Trump’s first meeting with Kim.

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