WW3 fears as satellite photos show China’s aircraft carrier on brink of launch

World War Three fears have intensified as new satellite photos have revealed China's new aircraft carrier is nearly set to launch as part of Beijing's plans to dominate the US,

The photos, taken by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), shows the new Type 003 carrier being built at a Shanghai shipyard.

The images not only show the potentially destructive warship while it is under construction but has also revealed that the ambitious superpower could launch it sooner than the world thinks.

Work on the 330m-long hull seems to be essentially done with pictures documenting the completion of the flight deck and the control-tower island being fitted.

It has also been reported that the carrier features three huge catapults which will ensure the aircraft can launch into the air.

The images confirm that the aircraft carrier, being built at the Jiangnan shipyard, only has a few other systems to complete such as weapons, radars and elevators to help move the aircraft between the decks.

“Based on available information and observed progress at Jiangnan, the authors estimate that the Type 003 will launch in roughly three to six months,” the report states.

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Type 003 is China’s third aircraft carrier. The earlier carriers, Liaoning (Type 001) and Shandong (Type 002), are Cold War-era Soviet Union designs used by Beijing to train its embryonic carrier strike group crews.

According to the report, Type 003's internal works appeared to have been completed between the months of September and October, reports News Au.

"The inclusion of catapults on Type 003 is a major leap forward for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN),” the report continued.

The Catapult Assisted Take-Off Arrested Recovery (CATOBAR) systems mean Type 003 will operate a larger aircraft than its predecessors.

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“Most CATOBAR systems are steam-driven, but it is widely rumoured that China has developed an electromagnetic launch system similar to the one developed for the US Navy’s new Gerald R. Ford-class of carriers,” according to CSIS.

“This is a pretty significant step forward,” said Matthew Funaiole, CSIS senior fellow.

“They’ve really committed to building out a carrier program, and they continue to push the boundaries of what they’re able to do.”

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