XR protester vows to become first-ever topless PM as she eyes BoJo’s job

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A topless Extinction Rebellion protester has set her sights on becoming the UK's first ever topless Prime Minister.

Blonde bombshell Laura Amherst has hit the headlines in recent months with her scantily-clad displays aimed at raising awareness for climate change.

The 31-year-old is currently studying for a politics degree but reckons she could do a better job than current PM Boris Johnson after becoming dismayed by the government's lack of action on the issues she champions.

Laura, who has also launched an OnlyFans account, told the Daily Star: "I'm into my final year of university and I'm going top be focusing on that.

"I would love to be Prime Minister. I'd love to do it topless, it would certainly be a different look!

"I don't think people should be stigmatised for expressing themselves.

"Politicians need to make drastic changes. We've really been let down. "

Laura, from Brighton, East Sussex, started getting her kit off earlier this year outside landmarks around London to protest for Extinction Rebellion.

The mum admits she is surprised about the reaction to her topless protesting, but insists her partial nudity has not "diluted the message" that she is supporting.

She hopes her assets will help make politics "more accessible".

Laura said: "Politics isn't a very popular subject, it isn't very sexy.

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"Politics is everywhere and impacts on everything. I want to make politics sexy and visible.

"Women are seen as oppressed but I love taking my top off for a cause I believe in.

"It's our decision and our choice [to take our clothes off]. It doesn't dilute the message, it's only part of what I do.

"I shouldn't be demonised for it."

Recently Laura claimed she "won't eat" until Prime Minister Mr Johnson meets Extinction Rebellion's demands.

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She says she is willing to die for the cause.

The protester said: "I have made the decision to not eat any more food until Boris Johnson actually addressed this letter and Extinction Rebellion's demands.

"And now I know this is going to be extremely dangerous to me, and I'm scared, nervous myself, but I have to do all that I can and I've made.

"I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and I've made this decision and I'm prepared. This is going to sound so dramatic but I'm prepared to die for this.

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"It's really obviously very hard because I have a child, but I have to do all that I can. And she has a good family around her, good father and she'll be protected."

Laura recently joined subscription service OnlyFans to flog exclusive topless content, with the proceeds raised being donated to charity.

And the bisexual activist also says she thinks she might be a lesbian after splitting up with her boyfriend.

Laura had said she was seeking a girlfriend to enter a polyamorous relationship with her long-term lover Leon, but the pair have now split.

She wrote on Instagram: "I've broken up with my boyfriend. I think I might be a lesbian.

"To my homosexual friends can I get some advice. I'm just so confused right now. Such a weird question but how do you 'know' you are gay?

"I regularly fantasise about women in my dreams and I get way more turned on by women in porn than men, have some serious girl crushes, and have had sex with two girls in the past but just casual/for fun.

"I feel shy around women. I've had so many bad experiences with men and I just don't get turned on by them anymore, I really don't know why. I really need some advice."

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